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Ruudwulf Shattershield

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Joined: 12 Sep 2013

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re: Throne Raid Requirements


Hail, Rangers!

Here's a sticky I intend to expand, flourish with questions, brim with tips and tricks from all!

Before embarking onto this T1 raid this Saturday (November 19th, 2016)-- which sounds more difficult and much less fun than it really is -- people need to meet some basic needs to ensure the team comes back home with lots of goodies! I'll keep it as brief as possible, because T1 isn't as difficult as you think it is if you're ready and prepared for it.

One last thing before beginning: choose a character/class you're definitely at ease with, one that you enjoy playing.

I divided this prep talk into 3 sections and sub-sections:



Mitigations (T1/T2)

Light: 13,125 / 20,213

Medium: 15,321 / 22,408

Heavy: 17,491 / 24,579

T1 is the base minimum. We advise players to exceed T1 numbers to put less tress on our healers :P Usually those numbers are met using FI jewellery and/or essences. Use the relics on your LIs for...

Critical rating

Cap: 17,685. Only uber-necessary for DPS classes, Minstrels should have 14k or around (see discussion here).


Base minimum of 25k for DPS, 40k for healers and 45-50k for tanks.

Critical Defence

Tanks: 10k is the bare minimum.

Mini: anything within the 7-12k range

DPS: Not 0, please, they hit hard. Usually with LI titles one is fine, or some gear set bonus (thinking of the 2-piece Moors essence set).


Tanks should have 10-12k finesse not to be resisted when they taunt/challenge (serious DPSers will grab aggro and they will die ^^).

Mini: 0 or just the one piece (for boss 4, though not compulsory)

DPS: 8-14k, depending on you play your class


Base minimum for tanks of 15k.


DPS should have a minimum of 70k. If you think I'm nuts, the first boss (Rakothas -- Rako, for the FB friends) has more than 10 million points of morale, and we expect the fight to last between 90s and 120s..because technically we'll wipe after that time due to the boss's stacking damage buffs :-)

Wiki article for the stats source




Blue for Guardians, Yellow for Captains.


Blue for Minstrels. Red Captains will be preferred over blue, but having the Revealing Mark treated would be terrific.


Unless otherwise specified: full red AoE for Rune-Keepers and Lore-Masters, full yellow AoE for Champions, full red for Hunters. Single-target lines will be required.


Red/Blue for Captains (Oathbreakers reset would be great, see discussion here)

Yellow for Minstrels and Lore-Masters



Have ears on, talking is not necessary. We'll be using the in-game chat, make sure it is enabled.

Follow directions. Orders will be very specific as each and every single one of you will have a crucial role to play.

Call out for specific skills as discussed previously should come quickly.

Follow Raid Assist Target. Call out for specific targets should come even faster. Options (CTRL+O)> Combat Options> tick box "Show assist windows"

Be ready to spend 1.5 to 2h for the full run if all goes according to plan. We understand if you can't make it for the full run because of RL priorities. We understand if you have to take bio breaks. We are human beings...well, apart from some who are machines :P

Have some scrolls and tokens, food and elevenses ready (both in game and in RL), we'll need 'em!


So...without further ado...and to the rolling of the drums...sign-up by replying to this post! Please use your in-game name and the class you want to bring in.

See you tonight for the first in-game prep talk (also on Tuesday and Wednesday!)

Your faithful servant, Alcarnarmo Turmahyando (aka Ruudwulf)


PS: You can find the wiki article here (to check the loot table to have you salivate), and Dadi's guide here (some of us know the run, but it's always good to know beforehand what you're up against). Both are still undergoing improvements.


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re: Throne Raid Requirements


 sounds and looks good :D 


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Joined: 19 Jul 2014
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re: throne


this  sounds great! I hope i make the cut :) 

will bring what we need


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re: Throne Raid Requirements


Perhaps someday I can have more than just one option to bring.


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re: Throne Raid Requirements


Thanks for posting this! Tali and I won't be able to make it but I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes / making the next one :)

Massan, Captain Nutter of Withywindle
Neddor, Untrustworthy Guardian of Meneldor
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