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Iogro Merrybelly

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re: Rangers Recruiting Guide for New Recruits

Literally means: to strengthen or supply with new members. “In this case it would be NEW RANGERS”

The Rangers are always actively looking for the next new Recruit to join forces with our Kin. Not just so we can have large numbers, but to have quality gamers who love playing, and enjoy camaraderie amongst each other.

All officers have the ability to invite new recruits, promote/demote Recruits to Kin Member, and can remove any member of a lower rank from the Kin ranks (a.k.a “Boot Members”) As such, Officers are chosen carefully and are expected to live up to the honor of being considered a leader of the kin, and act accordingly.

The New Recruit
This is for any of our new members who have recently been recruited into the kin to allow both the Recruit and Kin to test one another out. Since everyone is looking for something different in the game, the Black Watch might not be the right fit for everyone. So we have a minimum two-week “TRIAL” period as a recruit.

All new recruits are limited from using the Kin House chests, but otherwise are welcome to join in any Kin activities, discussions in chat or questing with fellow members.

The Rangers value all of our members and their input, regardless of rank or tenure in the Kinship. We promote based on each member’s contributions to the Kin and commitment to the Kin Values.

**Note** Promotions are a privilege, not a right. The leaders and officers may, at their discretion, promote or demote as is seen fit for the good of the Kinship.

Obtaining the Next Rank:
To be promoted to the next rank, all recruits must.
1. Demonstrate their understanding and ability to operate within the Kin Values.
2. Have updated their player note on the Kinship menu in the social panel. This needs to state whether this character is an “Alternate or Main” toon, the name of the main, and crafting profession/level. This allows everyone to keep track of who’s who and to direct crafting request’s to the appropriate person.

***Note*** the trial period may be reduced or waived for members who conduct themselves in such a way that demonstrates a commitment to the Kinship.

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